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Toronto is among the most popular tourist destinations in all of Canada. With glittering skyscrapers, beautiful waterfronts, and attractions galore, it’s hard to resist this thoroughly cosmopolitan city. From natural history museums to art galleries to zoos and beyond, there’s also an attraction to suit every taste.

While Toronto can actually be a bit expensive to explore, with the Toronto CityPass, you can save both time and money at Toronto’s most popular attractions. Get admission to the city’s best museums, zoos, science institutions, historic homes, and more – all for one low price.

Top Included Toronto Attractions

CN Tower
Royal Ontario Museum
Casa Loma

See the complete list of attractions and tours in the sidebar.

How the Toronto CityPASS Works

The Toronto CityPass is a booklet of paper tickets that are used in lieu of paying regular admission prices at the attractions. You may purchase the book online and have it shipped to you, or you may purchase it in person at any of the included attractions.

You may visit five of the six included attractions: the Toronto Zoo and the Ontario Science Centre are an “either/or” choice. However, if you do want to see both, there are coupons in the back of the booklet to provide a discount off separately purchased admission to either place.

Simply present your ticket booklet at each attraction; a staff member will tear out the ticket or scan it, and hand the booklet back to you. You can also skip the line at most included attractions.

What’s Good about the Toronto CityPASS?

The best part about the Toronto CityPass is the ease of use. It couldn’t be simpler to enter each attraction, and staff members at each location are well trained on how to use the CityPass ticket.

That said, most people purchase the CityPass for the substantial savings on admission. For example, if you visit all five available attractions, you’ll save 43% on combined admission prices!

As an extra benefit to pass holders, the Toronto CityPass also offers special discounts on items or services at the included attractions, such as a percentage off at the gift shop or a discount on dining.

The passes also allow you to skip the line at most included attractions, which is an invaluable time-saver at every location – especially the most popular attractions downtown like Ripley’s Aquarium or the CN Tower.

Another handy feature is the pass duration – it’s good for nine full days, so you can visit the attractions over two weekends if you need to.

Lastly, CityPass offers a comprehensive trip-planning website to help you plan your trip to Toronto, including everything from location and hours to advice for visiting.

How Could the Toronto CityPass Get Better?

While the CityPass product itself offers admission to some of the best attractions in the city, it doesn’t include admission to some others, like the incredibly popular Art Gallery of Ontario or the Hockey Hall of Fame. If they expanded their available attractions – even if they did so with more either/or option – it would be better for those looking to truly explore the city.

Skipping the line is invaluable, but it can also be a bit tricky at some attractions. For example, Casa Loma’s admission process is not really designed to accommodate a two-phase line; as a result, if you skip the ticket line you actually skip the place where you pick up a map of the attraction and the audio guide, requiring you to ask for them separately.

Although general admission to all attractions is totally covered by the CityPass, they don’t include any special exhibits or extras, which is kind of a bummer when it comes to places like the Royal Ontario Museum, where a big part of the draw is the special exhibits. Instead, you pay another fee on top of your CityPass admission which decreases your ultimate savings.

Get Your Money’s Worth with CityPass

On the whole, you get the most out of the passes by visiting all five of your available attractions. If you skip some, you’ll end up probably paying more or the same for the CityPass as you would have for regular admission to each attraction. Of course, the pass duration makes it easy to visit all included attractions, even if you only have weekends to explore.

You also maximize your savings by choosing the Toronto Zoo over the Ontario Science Centre as you “either/or” choice, because admission to the Zoo is a higher cost. If you still want to see the Science Centre, be sure to use the coupon for discounted admission located in the back of your booklet.

Toronto CityPass Insider Tips

The Toronto CityPass is good for nine days after activation, and is activated by the first attraction you visit. While this is easy enough if you’ve got all week to explore, many visitors only have the weekends to sightsee. If that’s the case, to make the most of the life of your CityPass, be sure to visit your first attraction when early in the morning when it opens. Then, explore and visit attractions all day as long as they’re available!

When visiting Casa Loma, if you decide to skip the line – and you probably should – then be sure to ask for a map and audio guide from the person who tears out your ticket.

Don’t forget about the coupons in the back! They’re good discounts on products and services you probably want to pursue anyway, and they’ll save you even more overall on souvenirs and experiences.

While planning your itinerary, if you want to see more than one attraction a day try to group them together geographically – for example the CN Tower and Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada are right next to one another and are easy to visit in sequence.

If you’re new to the city, be sure to consult the CityPass trip-planning page for Toronto. It’s a great help for first-time visitors and will familiarize you with the city and the product.

Toronto CityPass Coupon Codes

There are no current coupons for Toronto CityPASS. Check back again as we are constantly updating the site with new coupons.

Where to Buy the Toronto CityPass

Depending on your travel plans, you can purchase the Toronto CityPass one of two ways.

  1. If you plan in advance and know you want to use the product, you can purchase online and they’ll ship to you. Or you can print out a voucher pick it up at the first attraction you visit. The nice advantage is that either way you get to skip the line at the attraction
  2. If you didn’t have as much time to think it through, or you prefer not to wait for shipping, you can purchase the pass at any of the included attractions.

Prices are the same online and in person but you will not be able to use the skip the line feature (if available at the location) if you buy it at one of the included attractions.