The Hollywood Museum

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For so many travelers to the Los Angeles area, the iconic image of old Hollywood can be like a lure to many of the city’s hottest spots. However, standing out from among the list of studio tours and walks of fame, The Hollywood Museum puts the magic of LA in a whole new perspective.

The Hollywood Museum History

The Hollywood Museum opened in 2003 in the historic Max Factor building on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue. Since then it has been surprising film fans with its extensive collection of memorabilia from over 100 years of movie making.

With four floors and over 35,000 square feet of space, The Hollywood Museum is home to the world’s most extensive collection of items from in and around the movie world. This includes over 10,000 pieces that range from costumes and props to scripts, posters, and personal artifacts. There are even well-known sets such as Hannibal Lecter’s jail cell from Silence of the Lambs on display throughout the museum.

Perhaps one of the most treasured pieces in the Hollywood Museum, however, is the building itself. Used as both an entertainment space as well as a tourist mecca, the museum is housed in the historic Max Factor Building. With the über-posh address of 1660 N. Highland Ave, at Hollywood Blvd. the Max Factor Building was the home to the legendary makeup artist to the stars, Max Factor.

It was in this building that Factor, known as Hollywood’s Makeup King, adorned all the biggest stars of Hollywood’s Golden Era. This includes names as famous as Judy Garland, Katherine Hepburn, Bette Davis, Mae West and Marilyn Monroe. In fact, one of the star attractions of The Hollywood Museum is the authentic makeup rooms where Max Factor turned Norma Jean Mortenson went blond and became Marilyn Monroe and where Lucille Ball perfected her signature red hair.

The Hollywood Museum: The Main Attraction

A visit to The Hollywood Museum is a great experience for film lovers of all ages. Each floor of the museum features a different theme. The ground floor is dedicated to the history of the building itself and the contribution of Max Factor to the Hollywood we have all come to know and love. In addition to his restored makeup rooms, the floor features a gallery of over 1,000 black and white photos from Hollywood’s Golden Age along with Cary Grant’s Rolls Royce.

The second and third floors of the museum are dedicated to costumes, props, and posters from some of the most well-known films of every era. This includes everything from The Wizard of Oz and Some Like It Hot to High School Musical and the Twilight Saga. Finally, the museum’s ground floor has been reserved for the creepy elements of the movies including that aforementioned jail cell and corridor from Silence of the Lambs.

Though it was only open for two days each week in 2003, The Hollywood Museum has grown to be one of the LA-area’s top tourist attractions. It is open from Wednesday through Sunday and welcomes adults and children of all ages.

Why The Hollywood Museum is a Must-See

For many visitors to Los Angeles, just being in Hollywood isn’t enough. The only way to truly experience the magic of this city is to become immersed in the movies. Luckily, The Hollywood Museum has made doing just that not only possible, but fun and easy as one of LA’s most popular and loved museums. With a little bit of something for everyone, it represents the very best that Los Angeles, Hollywood, and the American movie industry have to offer.

Where to Buy The Hollywood Museum Tickets

There are a number of ways you can enjoy admission to this attraction.

Pay Full Price and purchase a ticket from The Hollywood Museum either online or in person.

Purchase a Tourist pass. The Hollywood Museum is available on the Go Los Angeles Card and Hollywood CityPass.