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Hollywood is more than just a home to the movies, it’s a home to the stars who produce, write, direct, and act in them. For many celebrity-followers, the chance to walk the streets, shop in the stores, and dine in the restaurants of their favorite stars isn’t enough; they want to go to their homes, or at least see them. For over 30 years, the folks at L.A. City Tours have been providing just such an opportunity, allowing everyday people a glimpse at the lives of their favorite celebrities on the Hollywood & Movie Start Homes Tour.

LA City Tours Company History

L.A. City Tours was founded in 1981 with the goal of offering tourists to the Los Angeles area the opportunity to see the region’s best attractions at an affordable price. The L.A. City Tours Company strives to create a familial atmosphere on its fleet of first class tour busses. They hire guides whose goals is to combine fun with knowledge and have partnered with several area hotels, tourist packages, and even LAX to provide great tours from convenient locations and at a great price.

As a result of their long history and numerous partnerships, L.A. City Tours offers some of the most popular and famous opportunities to view the Los Angeles area in increments ranging from 2 hours trips to day-long extravaganzas. They have a fleet of mini tour buses that are either open topped or air conditioned and able to accommodate large parties. In addition, L.A. City Tours’ partnership with area hotels allows them to offer curbside pickup and multi-day packages to give visitors the ultimate in convenience.

About the Movie Star Homes Tours

The Hollywood & Movie Stars Homes Tour is one of the most popular among L.A. City Tours offerings and is available in both 2- and 3-hour packages. These tours strive to balance their two main elements, Hollywood proper and the stars who make it great. Both tours therefore include famous Hollywood landmarks such as the HOLLYWOOD sign, the Walk of Fame, Rodeo Drive, Bel Air, Mulholland Drive, the Sunset Strip, and Beverly Hills.

In addition, both Hollywood & Movie Stars Homes Tours include drive-bys of 45 celebrity homes. The names on this list include everyone from Madonna and George Clooney to John Travolta and Charlie Sheen. In addition, guests on the 3-hour tour will also get the chance to visit well-known spots in L.A. where timeless movie scenes were filmed on location. This includes the location of Richard Gere and Julia Roberts’ proposal scene in Pretty Woman, as well as set locations for movies like Wedding Crashers and The Italian Job.

In addition to these two tours that are dedicated to Hollywood and its stars specifically, other tours offered by L.A. City Tours frequently feature some element of movie star home viewing, and even encompass the entire 3-hour tour in a longer package. The most popular among these is the 5.5-hour L.A. City Tour, the company’s flagship offering and namesake. This tour gives visitors an extensive look at everything L.A. and includes five stops along the way for shopping, dining, or a walk on the beach.

Why the Movie Star Homes by LA City Tours is a Must-Do

Anyone who follows celebrity gossip websites, loves daytime talk shows and news magazines, or who dreams of the fortune and fame of Hollywood has a lot to discover on a trip to L.A. Taking the time to book a tour of these famous spots and the homes of the celebrities who made them that way is the ultimate in movie star experiences and well worth the time. L.A. City Tours’ Hollywood & Movie Star Homes Tour gives everyday folks the chance glimpse at the storied lives of the stars they love like nowhere else on earth and is the ultimate L.A. must-see.

Where to Buy Movie Star Homes by LA City Tour Tickets

There are a number of ways you can enjoy admission to this attraction.

Pay Full Price and purchase a ticket from Movie Star Homes by LA City Tours either online or in person.

Purchase a Tourist pass. Movie Star Homes by LA City Tours is available on the Go Los Angeles Card.